Port of Oran: " Towards a strategy of the container " but against privatization

"Today, with all that our neighbors are carrying out in the harbour field, all that is needed is that the borders open for the port of Oran to become a small boating or fishing port ", thinks the first person in charge of the EPO (Oran harbour enterprise ), who is yet favorable to a reform, but not to a 180-degrees change of course.
"The process has been started, but the forms and methods of application of the ports privatization project are not yet sufficiently well defined to give a corresponding opinion", he explains, adding that he does not know the fate which will be reserved to the company he directs. The trade unionists have protested against this reform because they have not been associated. "We could as well have given opinions which would have helped to find adequate solutions, but we have not been consulted, though law states clearly that the social partner must be associated to all the decisions concerning the company." declared M. Driss, national coordinator of the ports trade unions coordination and General Secretary of the local section, when he returned from a meeting held at the Ministry of Transport on Monday. On Wednesday, he was to meet his peers at the port to give an account of the last negotiations contents.


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